Help reduce food wastage

According to the UK Waste & Resources Action Programme, 70% of the 6.6 million tons of food thrown away by UK Households every year could have been eaten.

Experts say that date labelling is confusing and is a key part of the food waste problem.

Keep more money in your pocket!

Food can be eaten past its best before date if it “looks, smells and tastes fine,” EUFIC (European Food International Council) says.

Food sold close to or past its BBE end date is significantly cheaper compared to when it is sold with a longer shelf life. Very often there is no difference in the taste.

Contribute to reducing climate change

Cutting down on food waste indirectly helps to ease climate change.

Food that ends up in landfill is broken down by bacteria, producing methane in the process – a greenhouse gas even more potent than CO2.

Global food wastage accounts for between 8% and 10% of global carbon emissions (estimated by the UN Environment Programme)