WVS are very excited to announce that the wait is finally over and we can reveal that the back room of the shop has now been transformed into a Zero Waste Product area. For some time we have been wanting to expand on the refill stations that we started back in the summer of 2019.The new area now offers gravity and scoop bins filled with various cereals, pulses, beans, pasta, nuts and snacks. We have also restarted and expanded the toiletry and household cleaning refill station and the milk machine has moved to this area as well.
We have designed the Zero Waste area so that we have plenty of space to add more products so please feel free to make suggestions for new product lines on the sheet of paper next to the milk machine. You can bring your own container for the dried products or you can use one of the white paper bags provided. If you bring your own container then you will need to pre-weigh it first on the scales next to the milk machine and place one of the stickers provided on your container with its weight and what you have filled it with. There is no need to use the scales if you are using paper bags. Please just ask one of the team for help if you need it on your first visit. There is hand sanitizer next to the refilling stations and we ask that everybody first sanitises their hands before using any of the stations.

Cycle Of Good

We are also delighted to offer the fabulous selection of ‘Cycle of Good’ products which are gifts made from recycled inner tubes! Available in store on brand new for delivery from our website.
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Jungle Culture

Secondly comes a range of Jungle Straw products which include coconut bowls and spoons, bamboo straws, wooden cutlery sets and lots more.

Eco Cards

Finally we have a new range of  recycled Eco cards which are really lovely and have some interesting designs.
  We can’t wait for you all to see the new area and look forward to welcoming you.