Autumn 2020


We are all celebrating the news of the reopening of Water Lane and that access to and from the village is no longer such a marathon event. Therefore we are happy to announce the shop and post office hours will be as follows from Monday 5th October:-

Monday – Friday
  • Shop  9am- 5pm
  • Post Office 9am – 3pm
  • Shop  9am -2pm
  • Post Office 9am – 12pm
Sunday (Shop only)
  • 9am – 12pm

We will continue to monitor footfall and may need to modify these hours as the nights draw in.

We are very pleased to let you all know that the milk machine will be back in operation from Tuesday October 6th. We know that a lot of you have missed this fantastic service that we introduced in the middle of last year and that you will be happy to see its return.

The following measures will now be in place with the use of the machine

  • When the milk runs out please let a member of the team know but ensure you remain a safe distance from the machine to allow the changing of the milk. If there are two people in the shop then we will serve the second person before changing the milk and ask the next person due to enter the shop to wait outside while the milk is being changed. On average we change the milk 3 times a day so this process should not disrupt things too much.
  • The person changing the milk will wear a new set of gloves for each change of the milk and will spray the dispensing handle with antibacterial spray after the change
  • Antibacterial spray and paper will be placed next to the machine and we ask that each customer spray the dispensing handle after use.
  • Sanitiser will be placed by the machine for your use.

The return of the milk machine and refill station

The lottery service will be resumed from Tuesday October 6th. The lottery machine will be located in the usual place which will mean that the team member serving you will need to come out of the fortress to process your lottery. Please ensure that you maintain a safe distance from the person processing your lottery. We will wear face masks when we exit the fortress station.

NOTE: We would ask that if possible you check your lottery numbers online rather than coming into the shop to do this.

We will also be re-introducing refill stations for toiletries and household cleaning products over the next few weeks so get your containers on standby.

New products and services

We are in the process of looking into introducing some exciting new products and services to WVS. You may notice a few things being moved and changed around in the shop over the coming few weeks as we make room for the new products.

Watch this space for news on the new lines and a brand new service that will be available to all of our customers soon.

Christmas is coming

October is the time for us here in the shop to start planning for the festive season. This Christmas is looking like it will be a bit different to normal and the usual hunt around the shops to find the perfect present may not be quite so easy.

Therefore many people may now be turning to the world’s favourite giant online store as a solution to the challenges that high street shopping currently poses.

With this in mind this year WVS will be offering a hamper service chock-full of local Dorset products, which will be securely wrapped and sent out from the store. You will be able to order these hampers online and we will take care of the wrapping and posting for you. This will be a fantastic way for you to support all of our great small local businesses and help ensure they are there for us all in the future.

More information is to follow soon about these hampers and we will shortly be setting up an online ordering service for them

The past few months has been challenging for us here at the shop between the onset of Covid and all the restrictions and regulations that have come hand in hand with this together with the recent road closure which was thrust upon us with very little notice.

Through these difficult times we have received many lovely comments from our loyal customers and have been lucky enough to have had a wonderful team to work with us through these unprecedented times. We both want to say a big thank you to those customers that have continued to support us through this period and to our team who have helped us ensure that a continual service has been offered to the community under very demanding circumstances.
We are very excited about the new lines and services that are being introduced into WVS over the next few months and we are looking forward to moving onwards and upwards with you all.

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